Control Zed

Control Zed

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Thomas Jumpler is a good person; much like you. No matter how you behave though, there’s something in this world that will mock you, dance on your face, grab you by the collar, toy around with you and pummel you; at your weakest moment, it will let you think that it cares and, provided all this happens, and if it happens well, a guy like you is expected to turn the other cheek.

Even so, how much can a good person take? How much time is needed for someone’s mind to be poisoned after all?

“Control Zed” is a novel about guilt. It’s the thought that happens the moment when the decisions have already been taken (willingly or unwillingly), while things should have happened the other way around. The book in your hands is Thomas Jumpler’s story, the apology he wants to give to the world, the “I’m never going to do it again” that he wants to shout.

"It is a book about the ghosts of the mind, for the minds of ghosts, as well as for the human relationships that ceased to be human.

Thomas Jumpler is the guy next door. Do you dare ring his doorbell?

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